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At CMC, we are always looking for new ways to raise awareness of the benefits of urgent care planning: among patients, healthcare professionals and the public alike.

Since we launched it, our service has attracted a great deal of interest, from specialist medical journals to mainstream media. CMC has been profiled on national TV, praised in Parliament and has earned a prestigious award for NHS innovation. We have collected the best of this content here:

The Sun

The Sun’s Deborah James helps launch new tool to make dying less traumatic

13 May 2019

THE Sun’s Deborah James has helped launch a new online tool for people who are dying to share their wishes around treatment and care.

myCMC lets patients take control of what happens in an emergency, such as whether they would want to be resuscitated or if they wish to die at home.

The NHS scheme, an abbreviation of My Co-ordinate My Care, enables details to be shared between care providers such as 111, out-of-hours GPs and paramedics.

Other details can include emergency contacts, a patient’s cultural or spiritual beliefs, whether they wish to donate their organs and whether they have a pet that needs to be cared for.

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