Our service

Coordinate My Care is an NHS clinical service that was launched in August 2010 to deliver integrated, coordinated and high quality medical care, built around each patient’s personal wishes.

At the heart of CMC sits an urgent care plan which is created jointly by the patient and their healthcare professional. It lists the patient’s wishes and care preferences, and includes practical information (where they keep their medicines, or who to contact in an emergency, for example).

Our aim is to give every patient a say in their own medical care. Once their doctor or nurse has added the patient’s medical details and submitted the plan, we share the information electronically with all the health and social care professionals who look after them: such as 111, the out-of-hours GPs, the Ambulance Service and the Emergency Departments, particularly in an urgent care situation.

What we do:

Each patient creates their own personalised urgent care plan, in consultation with their GP, nurse or hospital doctor.

Now, via the patient portal myCMC, the patient can even start their own plan online, and then the healthcare professional completes it, adding the necessary clinical information. However the plan is created, once completed it is uploaded to the CMC system so that all healthcare care providers can access the information all day, every day.

To enable this level of personalised care, we work closely with Ambulance Service and NHS 111. We are also developing partnerships across all of the NHS and the private sectors.

What we do

Each patient creates their own urgent care plan, in consultation with their GP, nurse or hospital doctor.

Now, via the patient portal myCMC, the patient can even start the plan online by themselves, and then the healthcare professional completes it, adding the necessary clinical information. However the plan is created, once completed it is uploaded to the CMC system to make sure that all healthcare care providers can access it, all day, every day.

To enable this level of personalised care, we work closely with Ambulance Service and NHS 111. We are also developing partnerships across all of the NHS and the private sectors.

Where we work

We are an NHS clinical service, currently available across London and funded by the 32 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) that represent London. Over the next few years, we hope to expand our service to other regions so as many people as possible can benefit from it.

CMC in the spotlight

Communities of Care – a series of NHS Alliance programmes produced in partnership with ITN Productions featuring CMC as a model of patient centric care.

Meet the CMC team

Julia Riley

ProfessorJuliaRileyMRCGP, FRCP, MDClinical Lead Coordinate My Care & Palliative Care Consultant

Professor Riley is a consultant in Palliative Medicine at the Royal Marsden and Royal Brompton NHS Trusts and the Clinical Lead for Coordinate My Care which she established in 2012.

She is also a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London and Editor of the European Journal of Palliative Care (the journal for the European Association of Palliative Care).

Professor Riley has two main research interests. The first is in the inter-individual variation in patient’s response to opioids. The second is the development of models of end of life care that include the seamless transition between the acute and the community sector, improving quality of life, decreasing the number of unnecessary hospital admissions and increasing the number of patients being cared for, and dying in their preferred place.

Gerard Bowden

GerardBowdenDirector of Nursing

Gerard came to the CMC team as a Clinical Facilitator in September 2012, with some 20 years of experience in Specialist Palliative Care in London and overseas, and has since enjoyed roles as the Clinical Quality Manager of the service and in 2018 was appointed Director of Nursing.

From managing hospice wards to Clinical Nurse Specialist roles, Gerard brings his passion for clarity, simplicity and efficacy to bear on his work within the CMC team – to the benefit of patients, families and the professionals caring for them. Gerard has a keen interest in the use of information technology to support and improve care delivery. He has published on palliative care related issues: the meaning of ‘home’ and impact on intimacy expression and issues related to spiritual complexity and denial.

Fiona Case

FionaCaseTraining and Engagement

Fiona has been with the CMC team since January 2016, training users of the CMC system and engaging with CCG teams to promote the service and encourage uptake. This has seen Fiona travel to every corner of London to work with teams on how to use the system and create care plans, hold educational events, ease uptake and support the reporting of local outcomes to strengthen our evidence base.

She previously trained as a nurse in a London hospital, specialising in gynaecology and infertility. Prior to joining CMC, Fiona worked in the fitness industry for fifteen years as a Health and Fitness Education Manager and, among other projects, was instrumental in establishing GP referral schemes, cardiac rehabilitation and steps to fitness for mental wellbeing.

Nick Tigere

NickTigereService Manager

Nick joined the CMC team in January 2017 as Service Manager, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of CMC.

His healthcare career started at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, where he worked clinically as a registered paediatric nurse. During his time there, Nick took on a lead safeguarding position, setting the trust training and leading the collaboration with local and external safeguarding boards. Nick then moved into healthcare management, working at Lewisham Hospital as deputy service manager. Then he moved into the private sector as operations manager of a newly commissioned service, setting the foundations and building of a successful service.

Samina Qutub

SaminaQutubMarketing and Communications Manager

Samina joined the CMC team in August 2015. She has 20 years of communications experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical PR sector, working in areas as diverse as oncology, obesity, glaucoma, epilepsy and prematurity. Her clients have included Pfizer, Merck Serono, AbbVie, Novartis, the mental health charity SANE and the Men’s Health Forum.

At CMC, she is responsible for communications to all stakeholders and users, as well as producing resources for patients and healthcare professionals to maximise understanding of the CMC service. These include patient leaflets, educational backgrounders and maintaining the coordinatemycare.co.uk website and @CoordMyCare Twitter feed. A big part of Samina’s role is supporting CMC awareness locally at the CCG level and working towards greater advocacy partnerships to reach diverse patient populations who may benefit from CMC.

Valentine Uwaeze

ValentineUwaezeSystem Administrator

Valentine manages the CMC helpdesk and been with the organisation since 2016.  He has previously worked as an IT technician and customer service advisor, having graduated from the University of Greenwich with a degree in Computer Sciences.

Valentine knows the CMC system inside and out and enjoys working directly with users. He also specialises in resolving issues and getting to the root cause of any technical or administrative issues to ensure they do not recur, and enhances the user experience of the service overall.

Our core partners

We are proud to work with a range of partner organisations that not only help deliver this service but were instrumental in its creation. These include (click logos for details):


Office of London Clinical Commissioning Groups

Coordinate My Care is commissioned and funded by the Office of London Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

The Office coordinates and supports the 32 London CCGs which represent all the health and social care professionals across London, including 1400 GP practices, to ensure the best possible health outcomes for their patients.

London Ambulance Service

London Ambulance Service

The London Ambulance Service (LAS) is one of the original supporters and partners of the CMC service.

LAS helped to design the ‘urgent care summary screen’ which is the headline news that all paramedics can access as they attend to a patient. The organisation has also recently invested in iPad devices for frontline crew to support access to CMC.

Call 111

NHS 111

CMC has a long relationship with NHS 111 and its providers across London.

All of these teams have worked tirelessly on implementing a “flagging system” which means that, as a call comes in, the handler is automatically alerted to the fact that the caller has a CMC urgent care plan. The call handler can then give guidance and support, according to the care plan.



In recent years, technology has matured to enable the sharing of information across multiple organisations and systems.

CMC is built on InterSystems’ HealthShare platform, which is one of the most advanced platforms in use in global healthcare systems. CMC and InterSystems share a true partnership approach and the recent evolution of this partnership has been the launch of the myCMC patient portal.

Office of London Clinical Commissioning Groups

One London

One London

In 2018, NHS England announced the creation of three areas, covering 14 million people, that have been chosen to become ‘Local Health and Care Record Exemplars’ (LHCRE). One of these areas is ‘One London’.

One London is a system that aims to deliver full interoperability across health and social care for the 8.6 million population of London. Coordinate My Care will support One London on the end of life and urgent care part of their work. This collaboration means that CMC is now well positioned to improve interoperability between Electronic Patient Records across the capital, making it easier for clinicians to access CMC and to share information more easily. It also means that CMC is part of London’s digital roadmap to transform urgent and emergency health care across the capital.

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