Training is a cornerstone of our service. Throughout the development of CMC, we have created a variety of training materials to help professionals to develop their knowledge of the system and how to use it. We also recognise that creating a CMC plan involves having difficult discussions with patients, so our training modules offer extra support in these areas too.

Since August 2010, 20,000 medical professionals across London have trained to use CMC.

Please feel free to explore all the options here, especially the webinars and the e-learning modules from which you can choose the options that are most relevant and useful to your role.

There are six main ways to engage the CMC training requirement:

1. Online e-learning

You will find a variety of e-learning modules covering different aspects of the service as well as clinical tutorials on specialist areas at Some are brief and some are very comprehensive. You are free to engage with them as much or as little as you feel necessary.

2. Face to Face

Our trainers can offer personal training on using the CMC system and the basics of creating a care plan to groups of six or more. We also support “Cascade Trainers” who champion CMC in their own organisations and offer local training for their colleagues onsite. Click here for the Face to Face availability schedule.

3. Webinars

CMC delivers twice weekly webinars via Zoom so you (perhaps with colleagues) can receive a standard training in your office or anywhere on your portable device. Click here for the webinar schedule. Ask your IT administrator to permit the use of Zoom if not already in place.

4. CCG Training

Each CCG is offered two training sessions a year that will include a system run through, care plan creation demo and Q&A. These sessions will also cover difficult conversations. Click the map below to find the next CCG training session in your area.

5. STP Training

Monthly drop in workshops within a venue in each London STP are available to attend. These sessions will cover a system run through, troubleshooting and any new system updates. Click the map below to find the next STP training session in your area.

6. Training waiver form

Click here to download the training waiver form. 

The training: in detail

Here are some further resources and options to support training and learning for CMC and urgent care planning more broadly.

Cascade Training

An approach that has worked really well is to have local ‘champions’ or ‘cascade trainers’ to drive uptake, act as a conduit between local teams and CMC, and support awareness and training. Cascade trainers go through an accreditation process and are supported by us to ensure they have the materials, information and confidence to train. If you are interested in becoming a cascade trainer or would like to know if your organisation has one to support local training, please contact us on

CMC Quick Reference Guide

For users seeking a whistle-stop tour of the main aspects of the CMC service and system, we have also created a ‘Quick Reference Guide’ (see below) that can support you while using the system, or remind you of key functions.

Urgent Care Training

E-learning training

E-learning to support the CMC system is available on and is the mainstay training resource for new and existing users seeking a refresher.

The following training modules are downloadable PDF versions of the e-learning resources and for those users working from systems unable to support viewing of the e-learning.


I learned a lot about the system. But I also learned a lot about how to talk to my patients.

ED Nurse

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