Other areas

Alongside the day-to-day work of the Coordinate My Care service, we have identified a number of additional areas where we believe that CMC could play an important role. These are outlined here. We would be delighted to hear from colleagues who want to find out more, or get involved.

Children and young people

The current CMC system has been developed to be suitable for use with children and young adults, and the appropriate governance issues have been addressed. We are committed to making our service even better for these patient groups. We would also like to hear from a healthcare professional working with children who would be interested in joining the CMC External Governance Board.

CMC and acute hospitals

There is a substantial interest in CMC from acute hospitals, to both create and view urgent care plans. In particular A&E departments are keen to see the information their colleagues have provided within CMC. Several hospitals automatically flag the existence of a CMC plan within their EPR, we are working towards making this service available to all clinicians working in an acute setting. We recognise that hospitals are complex organisations and that we need to work with clinicians across a range of specialties. We can support a hospital with IT solutions and implementing cultural change to drive uptake of CMC. Increased CMC use will improve communication between primary and acute services.

Thinking beyond end of life care

We see considerable potential for CMC beyond end of life/palliative care where the idea started. We believe it plays an important role for other patient cohorts: people with long-term medical conditions where an urgent care situation could arise more frequently, and in specific areas such as dementia or chronic respiratory disease.

User involvement

We have established a Patient Reference Group to ensure that our service and materials benefit from the input of both patients and carers. We are always looking for new members to increase the diversity and experiences available to us. In addition, we hold a regular stakeholder meeting where anyone associated with CMC – from CCG commissioners to GPs and administrators – is welcome to get updates on the service and give feedback on ongoing refinements. This type of engagement and the feedback we receive are invaluable and help to ensure that our service is as relevant and as useful as possible.


We work in collaboration with a number of institutions, including the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London, to further research and education around advance/urgent care planning. We are a partner in a major research project to assess the effectiveness of advance care plans for homeless people and a large data linkage project is underway retrospectively analysing large cohorts of end of life care patients through the analysis of CMC and national datasets.

Finally we are working closely with NHS England and the Healthy London Partnership to promote  further digital development  and ensure that the nirvana of two-way interoperability and sharing information in a secure, digital, paperless NHS is realised effectively and safely.

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