Like our training and information governance, regular and accurate reporting is crucial to the resilience (and clinical value) of the CMC service. Our reports are designed to deliver timely and detailed information at all levels: from CCGs to individual practices (and indeed practitioners). It aims to support both GPs in patient review meetings and senior management in long-term resource planning.

We also produce a monthly data overview that measures CMC activity right across London. This assesses performance against targets, helps to guide local priorities and highlights gaps and opportunities.

CMC offers list and search functionality on the CMC platform to aid clinicians in their work of supporting a wide range and number of patients. This is not accessible through any of the in-context links EMIS Web, Vision or a hospital EPR (electronic patient record). For management information purposes, CMC offers a wide range of reports (see the attachment below for details). These are available in PDF format either on an ad hoc basis or as scheduled monthly/quarterly deliveries, and should be requested via the CMC Helpdesk.

Every month, the CMC data report shows how our area is doing, and where we need to provide more.

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