Patient care: built around each patient’s wishes

Coordinate My Care is an innovative NHS service that builds medical care around the wishes of each patient. You create the plan with your GP: then we share it with all the healthcare professionals who might treat you. So everyone looking after you knows exactly what you want.

How does CMC work?

You create your CMC plan with your doctor or a nurse. Together, you discuss your health, your illnesses and your care preferences, and record them digitally. This becomes your personalised urgent care plan.

As soon as your plan is entered into the CMC system, it can be seen by all the healthcare professionals who might be involved in treating you: your GP, community nurses, hospital team, out-of-hours doctors, specialist nurses, London Ambulance Service and NHS 111. They will all use it to guide the care they give you.

Click through the icons to see the steps:

Your doctor or nurse creates your CMC plan in discussion with you (or, you can now start your plan online too)

Your doctor or nurse notes your care preferences and personal choices

Your doctor or nurse adds medical details and creates your CMC plan digitally

Your doctor or nurse approves the completed plan – and sends it to the secure CMC system

Now every health and social care professional, including the urgent care services, can access your wishes online, and build your care around them

CMC at a glance

115487 care plans in total
2989 new care plans added in July 2020
8098 views of CMC care plans by urgent care in July 2020

Coordinate My Care puts every patient’s wishes at the heart of their medical care.

Julia RileyClinical Lead

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