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At CMC, we are always looking for new ways to raise awareness of the benefits of urgent care planning: among patients, healthcare professionals and the public alike.

Since we launched it, our service has attracted a great deal of interest, from specialist medical journals to mainstream media. CMC has been profiled on national TV, praised in Parliament and has earned a prestigious award for NHS innovation. We have collected the best of this content here:

Plos One

Advance care planning in older hospitalised patients following an emergency admission: A mixed methods study

Since approximately 1 in 5 patients aged 70+ admitted to hospital as an emergency are in the last year of life, acute hospitalisation can act as a trigger for tailored Adavance Care Plans. Older hospitalised patients believe that advance care planning can benefit physical and psychosocial health and that discussions should consider a spectrum of possibilities, from future health to the potential of chronic illness, disability and death. In this context, patients may look for expertise from healthcare professionals for planning their future care. 

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